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Founded in 2018 in the sadly non-existing, South-Münsterlandanian Hills, SBC specialises in brewing very small amounts of craft beer, creatively named by drunken weirdos while playing Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo or watching groundbreaking movies like The Room (the bed scene at the beginning with the neighbour is very disturbing). In case you wonder what the name Stewwood means: It would take too long to explain.

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Listen, we don't sell beer – yet. So despite the name we are not a company. This site exists to keep track of what we created so far, and to show off on parties when somebody tries one of our experiments. So this is why we don't include legal pages, because this is a private hobby website. And for the customs: Yeah, we keep it under two hectoliters per year. Furthermore, yes, we annually tell the chief customs office so.

This website exclusively features the splendid CA Aires Pro. Many thanks to the President and the King for your support!

Made by Sascha with Kirby & ♥